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Gallery of Arms and Armor

The arms and armor gallery, planned by Alfred Messel as a Late Gothic hall inspired by English castles, is one of the museum’s original period rooms. Here, the historical weapon collection has found its place.

Absolute highlights include the bucket helmet from Tannenberg Castle, which was destroyed in 1399, and a wooden tournament saddle from the 15th century. Only eight such examples have survived in public collections worldwide. The world of knights and mercenaries comes to life with the exhibited helmets, tournament equipment in addition to firearms, swords and spears. Alongside stained glass and sculptures, original pieces illustrate the development of suits of armor. They are arranged chronologically on a runway extending upwards towards the ceiling as if in a fashion show, demonstrating that "plate iron clothing”, like its siblings made from fabric, kept pace with the developments and caprices of contemporary styles.

Raumansicht Waffensaal
Die Haupthalle im Eingangsbereich des Hessischen Landesmuseums

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