New in the collection: Sculpture »Contradiction« 2014/18 by Tony Cragg

The Friends of the Landesmuseum Darmstadt have bought the bronze "Contradiction" for a side pedestal of the main staircase in front of the Department of Earth and Life History. She is 2.60 m high, 600 kg heavy and dark patinated and presents itself to the visitors walking through the floors from all sides. It literally grows into the staircase, refers to the architecture of Alfred Messel and its columns, takes up space and marks the place. On the way up, you follow its turns and discover the sculpture from different points of view.
The stele is reminiscent of a somewhat out of shape Giant and strives at the same time in all directions. The title "Contradiction" becomes more plausible through its association with a frozen fountain: a bubble that will collapse in the next instant, subject to gravity. The flux, constantly changing, is solidified as a fleeting moment cast in bronze; no longer easy, but rather heavy - like lava. The windings, vaults and waves are reminiscent of dynamic growth, of energy that constantly changes material.
Tony Cragg (born 1949 in Liverpool, lives in Wuppertal) does not want to imitate nature, but is seeking a synthesis of natural, human and technical forms. He describes himself as a radical materialist who does not regard form and content as separate aspects. In his extensive series of works from various materials such as bronze, iron, plaster, wood, glass and plastic, he examines the relationships between external appearance and internal structure.
His cast iron »Manipulations« from 1991 is part of the Simon Spierer collection and is presented on the second floor in the "Forest of Sculptures".

Dr. Gabriele Mackert
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