Camille Henrot. Grosse Fatigue

The award-winning film »Grosse Fatigue« by New York-based French artist Camille Henrot (*1978) will premier this new series of video. »Grosse Fatigue« was created after a months-long investigation in one of the largest museum complexes in the world, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Henrot spent hours at the computer, to learn more about the findings in the archives. With pop-up windows on your computer monitor and a spectacular flow of images she clicks her own stylish version of the history of the universe, combining different, completely contradictory ideas of becoming and perishing: A rap samples Indian myths, and religious traditions with evolutionary theories, anthropological, cosmological and scientific ideas.

The new program »Oceanic Feelings« follows an interdisciplinary approach which characterises the history of the museum since the beginning. The series presents a video of the month with films about the curiosity of man, to explore, to understand and to create the world.

The oceanic feeling gained prominence through Sigmund Freud who claimed not know this feeling of »unity with the whole«, or the longing to be a part of eternity and infinity as essential human.

The word »oceanic« is not to understand literally. It's not about a special sensation at the sight of the sea, but the general feeling of oneness with the world. Faced with existential changes of our blue planet and threatening environmental destruction, the relationship between men and nature at present is in question and though this all-encompassing emotion too. The human strategies of appropriation and invention of the world, the striving to explore, categorize, and archive earth appears as oceanic, infinite and unlimited too. This also applies to the effects of globalisation and money’s circuits.

This premier will be followed by projections by Sven Johne, Ursula Biemann, Julian Charrière, Lisa Rave, and Solveig Settemsdal amongst others in 2019.

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Event Venue

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Gallery of Art after 1945
Friedensplatz 1
64283 Darmstadt


Dr. Gabriele Mackert
T 06151 1657-012

Running Time

February 1 until March 3, 2019