Tony Cragg (b. 1949, Liverpool) is one of today’s major international sculptors. The highly-accoladed Wuppertal-based British artist who served as chancellor of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf until 2013 will present circa twenty works of recent vintage in the museum’s architecturally striking Large Hall.

Imbued with a fascinating aesthetic, Cragg’s in part large-sale sculptures made of metal, marble, wood and lately also glass encompass organic forms from nature or are inspired by the human figure. Focus is placed on the material as sculpture’s most powerful means of expression. Produced in lengthy processes of shaping, composing, and treating material and surface, the sculptures that literally “grow” into the space have an almost intrinsic character or whose windings and curvatures recall infinitely growing structures. In the seemingly ecclesiastical architecture of the exhibition space, these sculptures attain a striking transcendent presence. 

The exhibition is one the artist’s major monographic shows in Germany in 2016.

A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition that will be accompanied by an extensive program of events.

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Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Großer Saal
Friedensplatz 1
64283 Darmstadt


Dr. Klaus-D. Pohl


2. Dezember 2016 bis 26. März 2017 

Trailer of the Exhibition

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10 Euro / reduced 6 Euro