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Princely Treasury

It sparkles and glitters in the Princely Treasury: Splendid table centerpieces, gold and silver works from the Renaissance to the Baroque, vessels made of gemstones, ostrich eggs, or coconuts are gathered there. Many of them come from the possessions of the Landgraves and later Grand Dukes of Hesse-Darmstadt. They served for representation at court and still illustrate the wealth of the princes today.

Two particularly splendid drinking games from the early 17th century and a goblet crafted from a silver-decorated West Indian top shell are noteworthy. They are combined with objects typical of the art chambers and curiosity cabinets that emerged in the 16th century. These cabinets collected rare and valuable items from nature, art, and science: carved ivories, small-scale sculptures by famous sculptors, decorative weaponry, globes, clocks, and mechanical devices. The parcours concludes in the finely crafted wooden-paneled room dating from circa 1580, originating from Casa Moro in Chiavenna. In an intermediate level above, there is handicrafts from the 15th to the 19th centuries, including a selection of the famous "Darmstadt Waistcoats," the world's most comprehensive holdings of bourgeois outerwear from the 17th century, which are shown here alternately.

Das »Chiavenna Zimmer«
Die Haupthalle im Eingangsbereich des Hessischen Landesmuseums

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